Sun. Jan 24th, 2021
Scheduling messages can be very much helpful to all those forgetting heads. Life can become pretty much annoying if you ever forgot to send an important message. Then why leave the chance that we have with us which can be scheduling messages and send them at a later time. Sounds good right!! But as there are a lot of applications and other programs available for scheduling text messages, so here we suggest you some wonderful and most useful applications for you for scheduling messages to send later.

Schedule Text Messages On Android

Textra SMS:  

Here comes the first application on our list. This one is the most popular application for sending scheduled messages. The app is particularly known for a lot of customizations that it offers its users, whereas it can also perform various cool functions that we don’t have in our native messaging application. It is pretty simple to use, you can simply download and install the app for free from the Google play store. While composing a new message, you can just tap on the plus icon and then tap on the clock where you can set the date and time when you want the message to be sent. Textra SMS will show all the scheduled messages with a green clock icon and you can see the scheduled time by tapping on it.

Pulse SMS:

This is one of the very few messaging applications that is innovating the way we use regular messages. This app brings in a lot of cool and interesting features that enhance our messaging experience. It also has a feature for scheduling text messages. After you launch the app, just tap on the three-dot icon present at the top right corner of the screen to find schedule a message option from the drop-down menu, just tap on it and set date and time when you wish to send the message and also enter the message content and finally hit send. But, this app has its own way of storing the scheduled messages. The Pulse SMS stores all the scheduled messages in a separate folder and you can find them by tapping on the hamburger menu and then selecting the scheduled messages