Tue. Jan 19th, 2021
Very few people know that deleting the files from the computer will not save the disk space as they will be sent to the Recycle bin. Emptying the items from the bin will add back the preoccupied space on your PC. Deleting the files directly without making them go into the trash bin is actually another way to skip the process of emptying the bin. But doing that is not advised sometimes as we may need that file and we may change our mind to get it back. And if you are also one among the many people who use recycle bin a lot and forget to empty it at times resulting in a filled disk space, then you should need to schedule to automatically delete the contents of your bin.

Empty the Recycle Bin Using Schedule

  • First of all, you need to open the Task Scheduler. You can do this by pressing Windows + X key, select the Control Panel from the pop-up menu, now go to System and Security, and then to Administrative Tools, finally click Task Scheduler to open the window
  • Now right click on the Task Scheduler Library on the left side pane of the window and click on the New Folder option from the drop-down menu
  • Name the folder as My Tasks
  • Now right click the newly created folder and just select the Create Task option
  • A window will be opened now, go to General Tab and now name this task, in our case, it is Auto-Empty Recycle bin. 
  • Then go to the Triggers tab, click on the New option to create an action
  • Here in the window, you can set the schedule as you like, you set the task to trigger weekly, monthly or on a particular date and time
  • Now go to Actions tab and click on New
  • Under the Programs/script box enter cmd.exe and click on Ok
That is it, you are all done with setting up.