Sun. Jan 24th, 2021
Have you ever thought why Snapchat has become the most popular application all over the world, among the youth or the young? I personally think that it is the self-destructive messages feature that attracted more and more users towards using that as it protects their privacy. And many applications started imitating this most hit and popular feature. While some are a hit again and some are not.
As far as self-destructive emails are concerned, there are a lot of applications, websites available for the users and we have earlier talked about a website. And today in this article, let us know about a Chrome extension, that allows the users to simply send self-destructive emails right from their Gmail steps For inbox.
There are a lot of options out there to send secure and self-destructing messages to others. But what if you really just want to send them a message using Gmail? Snapmail is a Chrome extension that allows you to send messages just like you might otherwise to recipients that will destruct in 60 seconds.

Steps For Sending Self Destructive Emails

Let us now see the process to get that extension and send emails that automatically delete after a certain time.
  • You must be using Google Chrome for this
  • Just open your Chrome browser and then go to the Chrome web store and download and install Snapmail  extension into your PC
  • And one thing you must note is that this extension only works for Gmail inboxes
  • It will add a Snapmail button next to the send button in your Gmail
  • You can click on the Snapmail button to send a self-destructivemail, you can find the button next to the send button
Thus sending encrypted emails gets easier with the help of this Chrome extension. It’s a lot more secure than just emailing important passwords.