Mon. Jan 18th, 2021
Sometimes our phone might be just out of reach and we have just remembered something that we need to set up a reminder on our phone. Then the lazy ones don’t have the mood to get up and reach their phone, don’t worry here is a solution for you. If your phone is away from you and you are working on your laptop or PC and just got to set reminder on your phone. All you need to do is your laptop/PC and an active internet connection.

Steps to set reminder

First of all, open the Chrome browser and then open the Google search. One thing that you should remember here is that you should be logged in through the same Gmail account that you used for your android phone. To set reminder, just type on Google search something like “remind me for my meeting” and it will present you the reminder settings which you can custom set the date and time and then click on remind me on Google Now.

Set reminder
That is it you are done with setting up the reminder and you will be reminded on your phone on whichever device and whatever device that you use the same Google account in.
Set reminder using these simple steps on the Chrome browser and you will be remembered of the task.  But your device should be synchronized before once. That is after setting up the reminder, your device in which you need to be reminded of the task needs to be connected to the internet.  
Use Google Now and set reminder and you will get a reminder on your various other devices where your same Google account is logged in.
Make use of this reminder feature and let Google remind you of the important tasks on time and let the work be done on time without any delay.