Sun. Jan 24th, 2021
Many of the internet users these days prefer using Google Chrome as their primary browser. It is preferred by so many people considering its stable performance and the way it syncs with our Google account. However, there is a disadvantage in using Chrome for long hours especially during night time. The white screen of the Chrome browser will cause extensive damage to the eyes. Now, here is good news to all the people suffering from the strain to the eye problem. Google is looking towards bringing back the fully functional dark mode in Google Chrome. Exciting right! If you cannot just wait until Google releases this feature, then you can try using this feature right now. Here are the simple steps involved in enabling the dark mode in Google.

Setting Up Dark Mode In Google Chrome

  • Open the Dark Reader extension in your Google Chrome browser by visiting the apps section of the browser in the app store
  • Add the extension to your Chrome browser. Dark Reader extension isn’t just a theme but an extension that darkens the content of the webpage. To get complete dark mode, you can also try installing just black theme
  • Now you are all set to enjoy the dark mode in Chrome
  • The webpages look completely dark when you are using dark mode
  • If you are bored of dark mode and would like to make an exit, then you should simply click on the dark reader extension and click on ‘Remove from Chrome’
  • Then as the last step, you can simply open chrome://settings and scroll down to Theme and finally click on reset to defaults
This dark mode in Google Chrome is not only easy to set up and use even before Google officially released it, but it is also super comfortable. So, try enabling it with a few simple steps mentioned above.