Mon. Jan 18th, 2021
Purchasing apps from the Google Playstore is the one such thing that we Indians hesitate to do. Many of us don’t like to invest money on apps that are confined to just mobile phones.

Even if we buy also, we would like to get the most out of the app and a very lesser known thing about the purchased app is that the one who purchased can actually share the app with his/her family and friends so that they don’t have to pay for it if they would like to use it. And all this can be done officially using the Play store. Now let us check the steps involved in it.

Sharing A Purchased App

• Click on this link either on your Android smartphone or computer
• Then click on Sign up for family library and then you will be taken to the sign-up process where you create a library    for sharing your purchased app so that your family, friends can access them whenever needed
• First, you need to tap on the Accept option to accept the terms
• Under Shared, you can add multiple email addresses of the people with whom you would like to share the apps with
• Then a shared cloud will be created where you can share your purchases with whom you want
• You just need to enable the application while purchasing the apps to make them available for your family
That is it, you are done, you can thus share any media, apps of Google Playstore that you have purchased with your family and friends who use Android devices. Using these simple steps you can thus share the apps you have purchased in the Google play store with your friends and family and thus save lots of money on the useful applications.
Never left behind in using the latest apps with tonnes of features just because they need to be purchased, use this trick and let it spread.