Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

The users of the Android operating system has been increasing day by day and it has crossed about 2 billion users. The various customization options and useful features are what makes it so popular among the smartphone users. And one of the main concerns of the Android users is the slowing down of their devices after some time. So, here in the piece of the article, we are putting together some simple and easy things that you can try to speed up your Android device.

Steps To Speed Up Your Device

  • Managing the internal storage is one of the main and first things that one needs to consider if they observe a slow down in the performance of their device. Uninstall unnecessary applications and clean up the system storage and make it free from any unwanted stuff that you haven’t been using for ages
  • If you are using a device that has a RAM less than 2GB, then you should definitely take care of the bloatware in your system and try to get rid of them
  • Don’t ever install an application if someone says it is good and useful, taking other’s suggestions is good, but keep them installed on your device only if you feel them useful to you
  • Widgets are very much popular among the Android users as they give instant access to their favourite and most used applications right from the home screen, but don’t allow these widgets to steal more space in your RAM which slows down your device.
  • Many users have a misunderstanding about updating the firmware to be just a waste of system memory, but that can actually help to speed up your device, so, next time you receive a new update, don’t neglect it, just update it
  • Timely rebooting of your device will keep it fresh and it allows the users to get rid of the apps on their device

Disable auto synchronizing of various apps is another simple thing that the users can try to experience a speed Android device.