Wed. Jan 20th, 2021
Who doesn’t wish to add the DSLR kind of touch to the photos clicked with the smartphone camera and you don’t have to bother a lot to do this and there are a few applications on the Android play store that makes the process a pretty simple and easy one. So, here is how you can capture the DSLR like lens blur photos on your Android camera.

Using Google Camera

Google Camera application is now available all the Android devices, so get it downloaded and installed on your device from here.
Once done with the installation, just launch the application and as it asks for permission, just grant it and click on next to continue.
Now swipe left to find some options and you will find the lens blur option there. Tap on it and it will give you a tutorial which gives you the basic understanding of capturing the lens blur photos using your Android phone’s camera.
After you are done with the tutorial, you can just click on the next option and then you will be directed to the Camera. Position the camera towards the object and slowly raise your device keeping your object in the centre.
This act will create a blurred background and you can refocus if you wish.

Using AutoFocus

Get the AutoFocus application downloaded and installed on your device from the Google play store.
Then launch the application and select your default camera. This application allows you to convert already created photos into lens blur or you can also click new lens blur pictures with this application with the help of the smart focus option.
You just need to draw over the area that you would like to keep the focus on. Then you need to choose the soft focus option and select the area that you wish to apply the soft blur.
Now select the hard blur option and select the area to which you wish to add this hard blur effect.
Then click on next and select your blur effect and save the image and you are done.
Using these simple applications you can create DSLR kind of lens blur photos with the smartphone camera. So, just give them a try.