Sun. Jan 24th, 2021
With the evolution of Android smartphones, we have been so much addicted to the mobile devices that we keep on looking to new devices with new features and keep changing them for at least every two years. If you are one such an Android device fanatic, then you must be regularly be changing your smartphone. Changing your device needs quite a lot of work after as you need to transfer all your data from the previous device to the new one. The contacts especially are the main one and you need to transfer contacts as well.
If we save the contacts in SIM or memory card, then it will be easy for you for doing the copy process. But if you have contacts saved on your device and don’t have Gmail sync, then don’t be worried about how to transfer contacts, here are the simple steps, go ahead and follow.

Transfer Contacts Between Android Devices:

You need to get the application downloaded on your device. The app is called MC Backup. Get it from here.
After downloading and installing the application on your device, just launch it and hit the backup option, and the app will start the backup process where all your contacts will be backed up.
After the backup is done, you will find a backup contact file in your file manager.     
You can transfer it to your memory card and you can either insert this memory card on your new device or just send it via Bluetooth or other means to the new device in which you would like to have the contacts.
All you have to do in the new device is just simply tap on the contact file and it will start copying the contacts to your device.
MC Backup is such a simple application where all your contacts can be transferred without Gmail Sync.