Tue. Jan 26th, 2021
If you are reading this article now, then you have probably browsed the ComputerEra website using the browser. But have you ever thought of using the internet or the web without

the help of a browser? We must all agree that web browsers are amazingly popular among internet users and we just think of nothing else when we wish to browse the internet and just tap on the browser icon whether it is a mobile, computer, or even on the smart TVs these days. So, there are a few other tools and ways that can help you browse the web without browser.

Downloading Files Without Browser

So, we just think you don’t have a browser but you have to download the browser. You have got two options for downloading files without a browser and one if the Windows Powershell, the second one is the FileZilla. Using Windows Powershell, also you can simply download files with the help of some commands.

Installing Softwares Without Browser

Yes, you can even get the software downloaded on your PC, laptops or mobile devices without the help of a browser. There are play stores at your service. There is an app store, play store, and windows store and you can get the required software or applications downloaded onto your devices.

Using Social Media, Mails 

So, social media browsing has become one of the favorite time passes for many of us, and if you think you cannot browse the social media and stay connected with people without the help of a browser. You always have the option of using applications either on mobile devices or computers even by getting the applications from the stores.
You always have got the option of using the mail services through inbuilt apps in all kinds of devices and if you don’t like the default provided apps, then you can get the third party apps.
You don’t have to stay disconnected from the web and people on the internet if you don’t think of using the browser. There are many chat applications that you can make use of that can help you stay connected. News applications help you in getting the news updates.
So, you might think about why to try using the web without browser. It is actually a secure and private way of browsing the internet.