Thu. Jan 21st, 2021
If you have got some very important and personal information on your PC, then you must be careful about your device and do not easily let anyone access your device without your permission, but who knows who are spying on you. If it is your personal laptop, then it is fine and if it is your office computer, then it will be more prone to risks and you don’t even know if someone tried to access your device while you are away from your desk. But you need to be careful of all those things to stay secure and safe. Staying secure and safe is the first thing that you should be most concerned about if you have got important and personal details on your system.

So, to stay safe, the first thing you should know is the security of your device and you should know who else is accessing your device without you knowing it. Doing this is pretty easy and you can know if someone tried logging in the system. And your system needs to be running on Windows 7 for this.
  • First thing you should do is just press the keys Windows and R together
  • The run prompt window will be opened
  • Now type eventvwr.msc and then press enter
  • It will then open the Event Viewer window
  • Now in the Event Viewer window when you try expanding the windows logs, you will find an option Security
  • Then you should head to the login log on section there and set in the date and time
  • Setting up like this will help you in knowing if someone tried logging in the system when you are away from the system
Thus using this simple process you know whether anyone tried to access your device in your absence with these simple steps.