Tue. Jan 26th, 2021
It is very much important to protect your privacy and which is also a difficult task these days if you are sharing your computer or laptop whichever device you use with someone else like your colleagues or friends. There arises the need to secure your files in a safe place. So, we are here to help you know the various methods using which you can hide folders in your Windows PCs or laptops.

Hide Folders:

  • Open File Explorer, then click on Tools>Folder Options
  • Then in the Folder options window switch to the View tab
  • Then under the option Files and Folders, select Hidden Files and Folders and then check the radio button with the option don’t show hidden files, folders or drives and click on ok
  • Then head back to the file explorer and select the particular file that you wish to hide and right-click on it and from the pop-up menu select properties
  • Then in the properties, make sure you check the hidden option in the general tab
You can access the files by temporarily making the hidden foldersvisible under folder options.

Make Folders Invisible:

This is yet another method that helps you in making the folder invisible rather than just hiding it.
  • As a first step you need to hide the name of the folder that you would want to make invisible, just select the folder and press F2, then while holding the ALT key type 0160 and press enter
  • In the next step, you need to make the folder invisible, right-click and select the properties of the folder and switch to the customize tab and click on the change icon. Choose a blank icon and click ok

 Hide Folders With A Tool:

There are many useful tools that will allow you to hide your various folders in Windows. My Lockbox is one such tool that you can try using to hide your folders. But unfortunately, the free version of the tool will allow you to secure only one folder at a time. You can change the folder from time to time as you wish.