Sun. Jan 24th, 2021
There might be some keys in all of our keyboards that remain untouched for years. Normal users don’t feel the necessity to use the keys like scroll lock, pause/break. And some users don’t even use the Function keys. Who doesn’t wish to have shortcut keys for some functions? Everyone right!!!! Now, we are going to accomplish that thing by allowing you to have the missing keys in your keyboard.

Get The Missing Keys

Browser/App shortcut key:

You can actually turn your caps lock key into a key for opening the browser or any other specific app that you want. There is an app called Sharp keys which come to your rescue by letting you remap the keys.Download and install the Sharp keys application on your system and open it by searching it in the start menu. Then in the program window, you can see add option, click on it and then if you wish to add a quick shortcut, then you can hit the tap key option on the left side and select the key that you want to replace and do the same on the right or you can just scroll through the options and select. After you are done with the selection, hit Ok and then click write to the registry. Restart the Windows to solidify the changes.

Shortcut for clipboard manager:

A clipboard manager is one among the missing keys that should be in all of our keyboards and many users feel it useful. Windows may find this need and may add the shortcut really, but as of now, we manually need to do this.
You can create a shortcut for many of the clipboard managers, and in this case, let us consider taking the Ditto clipboard manager. In the keyboard settings of the application, you can set the shortcut key for opening the app and make it easy for you to open and manage the clipboard.
Try adding these missing keys and stay more productive.