Thu. Jan 21st, 2021
It is the century of emails and messages and a lot of conversations are taking place over emails

these days. Have you ever thought about the feature of knowing the status of our messages that we send, it is the most useful and convenient feature available these days. WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application has this feature. Think of this feature in email services, it is the most required thing, right? Yes, you can track the email status of the mail that you have sent. The process of tracking the status of the sent mail is pretty simple.

Checking Email Status:

For knowing the email status whether it is opened and read by the user, here is a simple trick. If the mail you sent includes one or more hyperlinks then use this simple process for tracking that mail.
  • Then copy and paste the shortened URL in the mail that you would like to send
  • Now if the user on the other end opens the mail and click on the link then it will be captured which you can view
  • To view that just add a + sign at the end of the URL for example if your URL is, then top know whether it is read or not, just go to
  • There you can see the number of clicks and you can even know the time at which the person clicked the link.
But what if your mail doesn’t have any kind of URLs and still you need this features, don’t worry there is another way if you are a Gmail user.
  • This works only for the Gmail users
  • When you are sending a mail through Gmail, then just check the request read receipt option while composing the mail.
  • You can find this option on the down right corner of your compose window under the more options icon.
  • You are done with your setup.
Note: As it is related to the privacy of the user, the other user on that end should allow their settings in a way that you can know that they read the mail.
  • If they agree to send the read receipt, then the sender’s message box is updated with the date and time that the user read the mail.
Using this simple process you can track the status of your sent mail.