Thu. Jan 21st, 2021
YouTube is an online treasure which has full content in it. It has a number of videos which many feel as a treasure for their entertainment. YouTube is one of the many video sharing applications and it is the most popular app as well. But the androidapplication of the YouTube has a huge drawback.  It doesn’t allow the users to continue listening to the audio of the YouTube videos if they turn off the screen.

Playing YouTube Videos In The Background

Many of us would sometimes wish to listen to just the audio while engaging ourselves in some other work but what have you ever thought of making YouTube videos play the audio alone. It is possible and simple to do as well.
Many people think that rooting the android device is the only solution for it, but there is another very lesser known solution which you can make use of if you don’t wish to root your device.
And for that, you should make use of the Firefox browser app on your device. Even though Google Chrome is the most popularly used browser, Firefox browser also holds some excellent features. And especially it can be the best solution for you if you want to play YouTube videos when your screen is off without having to buy any paid app.
It is just very much simpler to do this, just open the browser and search for the YouTube website, then for the video you would like to hear the audio for, then just switch your device’s screen off and you will see the video playing it’s audio in the background, you can listen to them like a podcast.
This is how you can trick this and listen just the audio of the videos on YouTube, but remember this will cost you the same amount of data it costs for playing videos, so use this only when you have sufficient data.