Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

Mirroring your PC’s screen to any other device can be very much helpful. It can be used in case of troubleshooting someone’s PC when they are in need. You can also use this screen mirroring for accessing the data from anywhere and use your PC remotely. There are quite a lot of uses of this screen sharing and you can do this very simply. Don’t worry, here I am going to show you the process to mirror Windows screen to an Android device.

Screen mirroring is such a task that is considered tough but is, in fact, a very pretty basic thing that you can do using some really simple steps

Mirror Windows Screen With Screen Sharing Using VNC Connect: 

  • First, you have to download the VNC Connect application on your Windows PC. Click here to Download
  • In the next step, you need to sign in with a VNC account for which you need to sign up Here
  • And in the same way, you should also download the VNC viewer app on the android device that you wish to screen your PC. Click Here to download
  • Then launch the VNC viewer app and sign in with your VNC account that used on your PC. Then you will be able to find the name of your PC.
  • Just double click on it and it will show you a pop-up screen saying that VNC server has identified the device and just click on continue.
  • Now your PC’s screen will show up on your device.

Thus, using a very simple and easy process you can mirror Windows screenon your Android deviceUsing these VNC Connect and VNC viewer applications makes the screen mirroring of your PC to Android, iOS, and Mac devices pretty easily.

Have a happy screen sharing  without any hassles.