Tue. Jan 19th, 2021
We all might be very much familiar with MS Word, the most popular word processing software. It has almost replaced the need for doing paperwork as everyone is finding it as a better solution and also as an affordable solution as well. But saving the file is the most important thing that needs to be remembered while working on the word document. Forgetting to save a file will result in the loss of the whole data in the file in case of any sudden shutdown of the PC due to power failure or any other damage. But there is actually a way for recovering an unsaved file that many people might not be aware of. Here are the steps that need to be followed.

Steps To Recover An Unsaved Word Document

Note: These steps work for MS Word 2007 and below versions

  • If you happen to close the application manually by yourself accidentally, then don’t worry, Word will get back it to you as it saves the document every 10 minutes
  • All you have to do is just relaunch the application, it will search for any such unsaved files and will present you on the left side pane of the window
  • Just click on the document listed there to recover it
Remember, once the pane is gone, you can’t get the document again
If it is not the case of manual closing and the computer shut down issue, then this is the way to get it back
  • MS Word saves the file in the temporary storage of the computer memory
  • So, navigate to C:DocumentsUsers[Username]Application DataLocalTemp
  • You can find so many temporary files there, but you can trace the word files as they will be like wrdxxxx.tmp
  • Just open them using Notepad and search your lost ones
  • Copy and paste the text only as there will also be so many codings in between
Recovering a word document is thus an easy process, just give it a try.