Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

Don’t think that this work of transcribing is useful for journalists, and authors only, even normal people and students may need this tool for making their daily tasks simple and hassle-free. Like students can get their teacher’s lecture converted into an audio file. You can get the lyrics of the song from the audio file to a text file.

Transcribing Audio Files To Text

So, here we are going to let you know the simple and pretty easy process of transcribing. So, here we go

  • While there are many tools that help us in the process available in the online market, oTranscribe is one of the really helpful and simple to use web tools that you can make use of for this purpose and make your task simple
  • So, basically, first, you need to head towards the home page of the free and open source app oTranscribe
  • And in the home page of the application, you will find an option Start Transcribing in blue color, just click on it
  • Then click on the Choose audio or video file option to upload the file that you wish to use in this transcribing process and convert into a text file
  • And the nice thing is the web app even supports transcription of YouTube videos
  • Then you will find the file displayed as a play head with rewind, play, and forward options. They even have keyboard shortcuts
  • And below that, you will find the word processor box that lets you enter the text and you will also be allowed to do text formattings
  • You can type as you adjust the speed of the player according to your choice

Transcribe when you need using this wonderful web tool and make your life better with this easy and simple process. It is now time to bookmark this awesome open source web tool.