Tue. Jan 26th, 2021
We are all very much used to popular browsers like Chrome, Opera on our Android devices. But, there is a very little known lightweight android browser that

 works in the background giving uninterrupted browsing for the users. And that browser that is available in the Google Play store is called the Flynxbrowser.

Flynx – Android Browser

It is built with a very minimalistic design. It is very helpful to keep our reading list organized. We can even save the content offline to read them at a later time if we ever run out of time. Flynx algorithms are designed in such a way that they automatically detect the links of various articles or websites, blogs from various apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google+ and shows a small globe icon on the page.

Unlike the regular android browser, this one doesn’t disturb the current thing on the screen and will open the clicked link in the background.  Even the built-in browsers supported in some applications like Facebook and Twitter will open another page without leaving the app, but the currently viewed page of the app will not be there. Whereas this application allows you to do multitasking with your tiny android screen.
You can just click on the link and it will show a globe icon on the page that will open that link on the background while you continue to use the app that you are using. Click on that globe icon to read the article. And saving the article to read offline later is also damn easy. Just double-tap the link and it will be saved. You can see all the saved articles in the app.
So, do try this wonderful android browser and open links without even leaving the app that is currently in open mode.
Happy Browsing!!!