Mon. Jan 25th, 2021
With the arrival of Jio no one caring about calls and all, but what if you don’t have a Jio number or even if you have Jio also, the Jio summer offer is going to end soon, that is why here I am putting in front of you some amazing options for placing/making free voice calls from PCs to mobile phones.

Apps, Sites List For Making Free Voice Calls

Yahoo Messenger:

Many of us are very much familiar with this application, but many few know that we can actually make free calls from PCs to mobile phones, we make use of it as a messenger and also use it as a video calling application, but not as a voice calling thing.
To make free calls, you just need to download and install Yahoo Messenger on your PC, login using your Yahoo account if you have one or just create one.
• Then click on yahoo call option and select the option call a phone number from your PC.
• Now dial 18003733411, this toll-free number, just follow the instructions and select a free call option by saying free call through the microphone.
• Then after a while, you will hear Please dial your number, then just enter the number you wish to place a call for and enjoy talking for free


This website offers free voice calls for those people who are only in India. And one thing to note is that it offers only 15 free calls and each call is about 2 minutes time limit.


This is one such a website which allows you to make international voice calls for free. It has the facility to call any other Rebtel users all over the world. It also has cheap rates for calling anyone else in the world. This allows you to place calls for about 196 destinations.