Mon. Jan 25th, 2021
Your laptop battery can easily lose capacity over time, so it’s important that you frequently check its health. Checking the battery health is relatively simple, and you can do that right from Windows 10. So, here we present you the process of generating the battery report for your laptop without the help of any third-party applications.

Steps For Generating A Battery Report in Windows 10

  • You can easily generate a battery report by running the powercfg /batteryreport command. Press Windows key + X, click Command Prompt (Admin), type powercfg /batteryreport at the command prompt then hit the Enter key. The report will be saved under C:WindowsSystem32 as battery-report.
The report provides details about your battery including the name, manufacturer, serial number, chemistry, and cycle count. You can also view a usage report over a period of time. A battery report is a useful tool for investigating poor battery performance. If your battery is defective, your battery report will help you prove it when processing a warranty claim. There are also other causes for poor battery performance that are worth investigating.

The report will give you more information about the batteries in your system, as well as how they’ve been used over time. Perhaps of most usefulness to most people is the battery life estimates–how long you can expect your battery to last based on actual usage–and how it’s changed since you first installed the OS. It’s more accurate and precise than relying on the battery icon in your taskbar. Other report sections such as Usage history and battery capacity can help you check your laptop battery’s health. To get many more details about your battery than you from the battery icon in the taskbar, remember this hidden trick.
Battery Details In Settings
With Windows 10, Microsoft lets you check out more battery details than you’d normally get in the previous iterations of Windows. To check battery details, you can head to Windows Settings->System->Battery. Here, you will see the current battery percentage along with the estimated time remaining. You also get the options to choose when you want the Battery Saver to be turned on or you can even turn it on for now.
Thus, you can keep an eye on your device’s battery.