Sun. Jan 24th, 2021

There are Android apps available in the Play store for almost everything and anything. But everyone is most concerned about their privacy with increased awareness and all. If you are also one such a person who cares the most about your privacy, then do check out these privacy friendly Android apps that you can use instead of the most used apps on your device.

Privacy Friendly Android Apps


A browser is definitely one of the most used applications in all our devices and we just can’t survive without the browser on our device. But Chrome is the browser that we all might be dependent on and some may rely on Opera. But they are not privacy-friendly.

You can try DuckDuckGo instead of sticking yourself to Chrome, Opera or UC browser. It doesn’t save any personal information, even hides your IP address from websites. It doesn’t save your searches. So, give it a try.


Google Play store as we all know has been the default store app that we all will be relying on and it is a disaster when you consider its privacy. So, if you are privacy concerned and would like to secure your privacy, then F-Droid. It doesn’t keep track of your device or even your activities. You don’t have to have an account to get apps downloaded from this app store.

OI File Manager

This file manager allows you to save your privacy to the utmost level and you can stay safe while your files are secure all the time. It is ad-free and doesn’t require any internet access. You can do all the various functions that you will need through a file manager through this OI File Manager.


WhatsApp has been the popular messaging service that we all have been addicted to. But Telegram is one of the most privacy-friendly android apps.  It works faster and it is also the secure messaging service.

So, we hope you make your life secure by shifting to these privacy friendly Android apps.