Mon. Jan 18th, 2021
If you ever found out that your friend or your near and dear family members are deeply in need of some technical advice, you make many attempts to help them in resolving their problem and for giving them that technical assistance you must have tried a lot of options like using a third party software, assisting them over the phone call, assisting them over a video call. But have you ever thought there is a very simple and easy way using which you can technically assist your dear family or friends in the process to troubleshoot their device and that too without having to install any kind of software and tools? Yes, you read it right. Check out the process below

Steps To Troubleshoot Windows 10 PC Without Any Software

  • Quick Assist is an application available as an inbuilt feature in Windows 10This app helps in creating a virtual or network connection between the two devices and both the devices must be running on Windows 10 only
  • You can the Quick Assist app under Windows Accessories in the Start menu. When you find it, just launch it
  • Now in the pop up that appears, just check the option ‘give assistance’and then you will get a unique code displayed on your screen which will expire in a few minutes
  • You need to note that code and send it to your friend or family member on the other side
  • When the person on the other side provide this unique code in his/her app, then the connection between the two devices will be created
This will allow the user on one side to remotely operate the computer of the person on the other side. Thus you can Troubleshoot in Windows 10 using these really simple to follow steps.
Enjoy the fee you will be getting in assisting someone you care for even when you are away from them.