Sun. Jan 24th, 2021
These days no one is actually waiting or looking for scanners to scan the important documents that they have, as everyone has got a pocket-sized scanner with them all by themselves. It’s nothing but their phone. Yeah, smartphones have almost replaced many things and scanners are one of those many things. Depending on the quality of the camera, we can get scanned them as neatly as possible and so, if you are also one of them who uses your smartphone a lot for scanning the documents, then you should not miss in any way the below list of some very cool document scanning apps.

Different Document Scanning Apps For Android Users

Office Lens:  

This document scanning application from Microsoft is a flexible and portable scanner with lots of features. One can scan documents, business cards, blackboards, whiteboards, notes using this simple tool. Office Lens even has the Optical Character Recognition feature which recognizes the handwritten or printed text and allows the users to edit, copy, paste. This app even allows the users to instantly save contacts in the address book by simply scanning them.


This is yet another very useful application available on the Google play store. Using this the users can scan receipts, notes, boards, documents, and all. This one of the very useful document scanning apps that also has the OCR feature which it uses to extract the text from the images. Scanned documents or pages can be easily and instantly shared on various platforms.CamScanner allows the users the option to save the scanned image in either .jpg format or as a pdf file whatever they want.

Genius Scan: 

This is another great choice available for the Android users, this one allows the users to scan various types of documents, cards, boards, notes, receipts like all the other document scanners do. This one, in addition, has a smart page detection feature that enhances the images that you have scanned.


This application comes with a built-in QR code scanner. Users can scan almost anything using this simple yet brilliant app. And users will be given a choice to save the scanned images either in jpg or as pdf whatever they need. Users can scan multiple pages of documents, edit, annotate to enhance the images.