Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

Google Chrome without any doubt is one of the most popularly used web browsers online. We all know that it has so many things to offer its users. We all might be using them directly, but that doesn’t mean we cannot get any more features and uses out of it. So, we can try many other new things, experiment with various other features with the Chrome flags, here is how you can do that.

Chrome flags allow users to enjoy some of the experimental chrome features.

You need to head to the chrome://flags web page and this is like the back door to the list of new options.

Check out these some of the must-try Chrome flags



This is one such a useful chrome flag extension that lets you get the page titles along with the search suggestions while you type a few characters or letters in the Google search. Enabling this font may want you to sacrifice some space as it will show up the page titles along with the URLs while you start searching for something in the search bar.


This is another simple yet useful Chrome flag that can help you in conserving some part of your RAM if you feel like your computer has low-end specifications. You can enable this Chrome flag and it will just disable all the tabs that you haven’t used in a while and thus maximizing the performance of your computer by reducing the RAM usage.


A video that is auto-playing in the background may sound annoying. When you enable this Chrome flag, the usually displayed speaker icon on the tab gets activated and you can simply enable and disable the sound in the tab using that speaker icon and don’t have to worry about switching the tabs and muting the videos. This Chrome flag thus allows you to mute tabs. 

We hope these experiments by Chrome may be useful to you.