Tue. Jan 26th, 2021
Looking with suspicion at everything may not be a good idea, but having a suspicious look at certain things is quite reasonable and needed at times as well. What about the various links that we receive from our family and friends daily? There may be a risk-prone to our devices from those spam links if we don’t take certain or required care. There are several websites available that can help you to uncover the truth of these dangerous links and check out if there are any safetyissues.

Checking The Safety Of Links

AVG Threatlabs: 

This can be the best choice among the various available options for all those people who would like to check the safety of the links that they have, or the links they receive from their dear ones. AVG Threatlabs actually scans the links for malware and other related threats. You just have the enter the URL and it will show you the results.

With AVG’s massive name in the online community, this site from them is an extension of their reputation.

Kaspersky VirusDesk: 

The world famous Kaspersky security firm is here with the Kaspersky VirusDesk for the internet users. This tool not only scans the links and URL of the harmful or dangerous websites but also allows the users to upload suspicious files. Users can simply enter the suspicious URL that they wish to check the security for and then simply click on the scan. This tool even lets the user disagree with the results shown which allow the researchers on the website to find out more.


This is an independent website that takes your link queries seriously through a secure HTTPS connection. The results after scanning the URL will naturally show whether the site is safe for you to visit or not and if it is not safe it says the site is dangerous and avoid visiting it.

Phish Tank:  

This site alerts the users about phishing sites instead of focusing on the malware in the links. Once you give it a URL that you may suspect of a phishing operation, it will check it and then give you instant results about the website. Phish Tank is worth a visit for checking the links that you have to pay a visit for.
So, the next time when you are about to click on some unknown link sent by someone to you, then do remember that you have got these websites to check whether the link is safe or not.