Sun. Jan 24th, 2021

Google Photos, who may not be aware of this highly popular photo storage application from the search engine giant Google. It is known that Google Photos offer unlimited storage of photos. But Google has recently announced that from June 1, 2021, all the new images and video uploaded in the Google Photos will be counted towards a limited 15GB, which is the free storage offered by the company.

The best thing about this one is that this policy won’t be affecting pictures and videos that you already have in Google Photos.

Users can actually check the amount of storage left for storing pictures and videos. For that the users will definitely need to have a track. Google Photos has a storage tool which was kept hidden.

Checking the storage left in Google photos is pretty simple, you just need to head to this page. Here, you just need to login into your Google account and then it will show the amount of storage left in your Google Photos account.

It also shows you the data of the other storage options like Drive and Gmail.

Getting Extra Storage In Google Photos

Getting extra storage on Google Photos isn’t a pretty tough task. Google One gives you the option to expand your limited storage in Google Photos. This is a membership plan to get more out of Google for those who aren’t aware of. Google One allows you to expand storage, gives access to experts etc.

You can find the currently available premium plans on Google One by visiting the website using the link given above.  

We hope this information helped you.