Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

On a regular web browsing, we usually open a lot many tabs in a single window. If your computer has enough RAM space to handle the tabs, then may be you can pretty easily open about half a dozen tabs all at once. However, the additional tabs feature is actually an addiction, once you get used to having these many tabs open all at once, then you may lose track of the one you need. Google, being aware of such issues have introduced a tab search feature on Chrome 87.

Steps For Enabling Tab Search Feature In Chrome Browser

  • For doing this, you will need Chrome Beta installed on your device, so head to this link and download Chrome Beta
  • Now after you are done with downloading and installation, open Chrome Beta on your computer
  • Now, head to the URL bar and type Chrome://flags and hit enter button
  • Then search for the ‘Tab Search’ feature
  • You get the results showed up, there enable the tab search feature by using the drop-down menu
  • Once you are done with enabling the feature, click on relaunch button and then the browser will restart
  • After the restart is done, you will find a drop-down arrow on the top tab bar. You just need to tap on the drop-down arrow to use the tab search feature
  • This will show you all the currently opened tabs in the window. This even allows you to search and switch between tabs easily and quickly

That is it, you are done with the setup. You can thus enable and use the tab search feature in your Chrome browser pretty easily.