Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

No android phone misses the airplane mode toggle in the quick settingstoolbar of the device settings. Every mobile device will have this option but not every mobile user will be aware of the perfect uses of the mode or this feature. It is not just any other simple setting but you can make use of this android airplane mode, so here we bring you to some of the best tips and tricks that can make it more useful.

Before that, we would like to give you a simple detail about the mode that let you understand it better if you don’t know about it much. When you turn on the airplane mode, all the wireless connections of your phone will automatically turn off. Those may include cellular connections, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. It can help in saving your device’s battery as well.

Tips And Tricks You Can Try Using Android Airplane Mode

Stay Away From Annoying Ads

You can make use of this airplane mode in benefit of your gaming experience, you can simply turn on the airplane mode when you begin to play games and it can help you stay away from the annoying ads in between the games.

So, the next time when you plan to play your favorite game, just turn on the airplane mode.

Save Battery

Android airplane mode definitely helps you to save battery as your device stays out of the internet and hence it consumes less battery while it gets charged faster. It will be free from push notifications, Bluetooth and WiFi communications, calls and texts thus the battery charges quick.

You Can Turn On Bluetooth, WiFi Even In Airplane Mode

Yes, this thing can happen and your device should allow you to do this. All you need to do is when you turn on the android airplane mode, as everything turns off automatically, you can manually turn them on and they will get turned on when you turn them on if your device allows that.

So, we hope these simple tricks, tips will help you to make most of the android airplane mode.