Sun. Jan 24th, 2021
True Caller introduced Call Reason option for Android

Truecaller evolved as a productivity app which reduces the unwanted calls. India is the major market for Truecaller. It has a great user base in India compared to the other countries in the world.

In the latest update Truecaller introduced an excellent option that helps you in most of the times. When you get a call, Truecaller shows the contact information and whether it is a spam or not details on the screen. Most of the times we don’t wish to attend certain calls due to our busy schedule. In such situations we may miss some important calls.

Keeping this in mind, Truecaller introduced an option with the name “Call Reason”. Those people who want to talk to you, they can mention the reason before calling to you. The specified reason will be displayed on your phone screen when you receive the call. You can decide to attend or reject the call by reading that message. So if it is urgent, or it is more meaningful to attend the call, you can answer it. Otherwise you can ignore it.

It will also helpful for the marketing calls. People blindly reject the spam calls marked by Truecaller. Sometimes they may useful for you. So marketing Agencies come specify the reason for the call with the new option, before making a call to you. The Final Decision to attend the call is yours, You have complete control on the call always.

The latest “Call Reason” feature is rolled out to Android uses across the globe. You can use it by selecting Truecaller as the default phone application.