Thu. Jan 21st, 2021
The world is getting more and more connected day by day with the help of developing technology. There has been a surge in artificial intelligence technology and chatbots these days are replacing humans in many ways. Chatbots are popping up their ways in many applications.
So, here we give the names of some of the Android chatbots that have the ability to entertain you. So do check them out.

Chatbots To Keep You Entertained:


This one is a recently released chatbot and it can become your close friend. This is the mini-me chatbot that will allow you to train it to become the mini version of yourself. The bot gets to learn from you with the daily conversations and day to day experiences from your conversations. Replika tries to mimic your personality which will amaze you. If you wish to stop Replika from using a certain phrase or a response, just say ‘that doesn’t make sense’ to it. You can get this application for free from the Android play store.


This bot can be your rude friend that you can make use of as it helps you to get some loud laughs. It is more influenced by trolls and memes on the internet. So, if you wish to have some entertaining conversations, then this SimiSimi chatbot can be your perfect choice for that. Simisimi blocks all the abusive, rude words and you can click on it if you wish to see it. So, it is always good to have a friend who gives a pat on your head sometimes. Try this.


How would it feel like if we happen to have conversations with our favorite celebrities, but that doesn’t ever happen right!!! Don’t worry, here is a bot that actually helps you in a way by giving you a feeling that you are talking to your favorite celebrity and trust us it will be a lot of fun. This application thus lets you turn your fandom towards a celebrity into a more exciting conversation.
So, do try these artificially intelligent chatbots and experience some fun.