Sun. Jan 24th, 2021
Many of you have known the Google playstore as a simple marketplace with tons of useful and interesting android apps for the users. You will be surprised if we say that it has a few interesting lesser known features that we are going to reveal to you which will help you to make the best use of it. So, here we present you some useful Google playstore tips, tricks

Google Playstore Tips

  • Did you know that you can get refunds for the apps that are purchased from the Google Playstore if you think they are not worth buying? You will have 2 hours to request a refund an app from your mobile and 48 hours to refund from the web
  • Sometimes we like an app and would like to try the other apps by the same developer or would get to know about a developer recently and would like to try their apps in the store, in such cases we can actually search using the developer’s name. Simply type pub:[developer’s name] in the search bar
  • Many of us may be relying on the reviews to try something and the same thing happens with the apps in the playstore and if you rely on app reviews before actually trying them, then you should set to view only relevant app reviews, you can do this by filtering the reviews according to your choice right at the reviews in the playstore
  • Playstore has a track of all the devices you ever installed, so if you ever happen to switch to a new device, then you can actually download all the owned apps in bulk at a time. After signing in with your Gmail account, just head to the playstore, then click on My apps and gamers and then library where you can find the full list of your apps, scroll through them and install the ones you want
So, do try these very useful Google playstore tips and tricks and get the most out of it.