Mon. Jan 25th, 2021
Google Drive which every Android phone user gets by default and we neglect that app and go

in search of various other alternatives as we generally have a tendency to neglect the ones that are availed so easily.

But there are tons of amazing and useful features that it has in store for the users and here we present you some of the very useful features of the application that we think everyone must know


Android devices still lack a complete backup system and Google drive has the ability to backup system and application settings and various other data of yours which you can restore it when you reset your current device or upgrade to a new device.
You can set this up by simply opening the drive settings and then select back up my data and set it on. You can also check what has been backed up by clicking on the Backup option in the app’s sidebar.


Very few people know that the app actually features a document scanner that is pretty much useful to go paperless. By clicking the plus icon in the bottom right corner of the app screen and then selecting the scan option will allow you to scan your photographs and documents.  It will make the image square by cropping the unwanted space.

Make Files Public:

Google Drive is not a file sharing service but it allows users to share their files in public. You can do this by long pressing your file and then copying its link and sharing it with someone you want through various means. Or else you can also invite people to access that file by simply long pressing that particular file and then you will see an add people icon in which you can add the email addresses of people. Or else you can also go to the advanced settings and change the view option to the public and share the link anywhere you want.

Home screen shortcuts:

If you use Drive regularly, then you can actually add some of your important files to the home screen which make them easily accessible and you can do this simply opening the Drive and long pressing the file and then tap on the add to home screen option.
So, we think these simple hacks may be useful to you and make your life a bit simple.