Sun. Jan 24th, 2021

Android Oreo has brought the users the most awaited features of all time the YouTube’s picture in picture mode feature, but those who have got devices that run on Android Oreo or highly only will be able to enjoy this feature and what happens to the maximum number of people who haven’t had Oreo run devices, don’t worry you can still enjoy this feature by getting this feature on your device regardless of the platform that your device is running on.

There are a bunch of applications available in the Google play store that offer the users with this feature and we present you with some of the best applications that you can try your hands on. So, here we go

Android Apps To Try For Getting Picture In Picture Mode

Float Tube Video Player

This can be your perfect choice for getting this wonderful feature on your device. You can get this application downloaded and installed on your device for free like you do any other application and it is even pretty easy to use it and all you need to do is just play the video on YouTube, then click on the share option right below the video, click it, and then select the Float Tube Video Player Option and it will open a floating window with the video that you have shared. It is that easy, so do try it.

Floating Apps (Multitasking)

You can get this application for free from the Android play store, so get it downloaded and installed on your device and you need to grant it a few permissions that it will ask you when you first open the application. This will place an icon on the notification bar which you can further customize. Tap on it and then select YouTube which will open a floating window of YouTube, now browse and play your desired video.

Telegram Bot

If you use Telegram text messaging and chatting application, then you must know that there are apps for various services in that application and the popular video sharing platform even has a bot there. The bot allows you to browse and play videos without actually leaving the chat application and you can even play the videos in the picture in picture mode in that app. Tap on the button on the top right corner of the pip window to return back to the app.

So, we hope from these many ways, you may find one to enjoy this feature.